Hhffrrrggh Inn
Restaurant and Bar

731 S. Wuthering Hills
Janesville, WI 53546

Lunch & Dinner 11 am
Saturday and Sunday:
Breakfast 8am

The Hhffrrrggh Family History

On Hhfebruary Hfourth, 1915, our father, Hharlan Hhffrrrggh, was born in HhEuchre, Latvia. During the Depression, Dad, along with his hfour brothers and hfive sisters, immigrated to the United States and settled in HFargo, North Dakota.


Dad worked at the HFargo HFoundry throughout the war and acquired quite a knowledge of tools and mechanical things. It was during this time that Dad met and married Mom, Hharriet Hhmmllmmmmhhy. 1942 brought their hfirstborn son, Hhomer, who remains a child to this day. Next came Hharley, the second biggest, followed in 1952 by Hhugh.


After the war, Dad took his knowledge and, along with his brothers, opened the first of many Hhardware stores in the upper Midwest. They named the business after the family, HHFFRRRGGH Hardware. The business became quite successful, in spite of Dad’s motto that“We will be undersold.” His success was achieved mainly because of his friendly attitude and his belief that “It doesn’t cost a dime to be nice.”


In the early 70’s, Dad and his brothers retired. The next generation of HHFFRRRGGH’s took over – the brothers, Hhomer, Hharry, Hharley and Hhugh. They sold the business and felt the need to relocate. So they shipped and handled themselves, their families, and dozens of cousins to Rock County, Wisconsin, where they became prominent children in the community.


In 1991, the brothers began to brainstorm. They brainstormed for years. They needed a new outlet for the family business. They came up with the idea of creating a place where people could go to eat, drink, laugh and have HFUN. So in Hhfebruary of 1999 the brothers and some cousins made the dream a reality and HHFFRRRGGH INN was established.


Since our opening, a lot has happened.  A couple of cousins have gone to the “Big Hhardware Store in the Sky”, a few of the original owners have moved on, but the concept remains intact. Our restaurant, bar, banquet facility and catering services are among the finest in the area.


Our mission has always been simple:




We do this through humor. If we can make someone laugh, or even bring a smile, we’ve accomplished our goal. Please don’t try to figure out all of it, we certainly can’t. Instead, sit back, relax, laugh, and have HFUN!


Love always,

Hhomer, Hhank, Hharvey, Hhdad, Hharley and Hhbilbo